Here’s the scoop. Ingomar Acres is the beginning of a dream, a brand, a lifestyle, a place for creative inspiration and expression, and maybe most importantly a community … the beginning of a community of people who can put aside the things that divide us (politics, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation) and focus on being better neighbors, kinder to strangers, and more humble and respectful to all those around us.

Our goal is NOT to fill your inbox and news feed with a bunch of things you aren’t interested in, but rather to share a bit of our adventures in life with the people we love and others like us. That’s you! Our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, travelers, animal lovers, foodies, drinkers, dancers, karaoke singers, creatives, professionals, DIYers, competitive souls, sports fans, small town folk, city dwellers … get the picture? You’re one of us … part of our community!

Ingomar Acres is for those who live life with a smile on their face and a chip on their shoulder. Those who brush off the neh-sayers and “get shit done!” The trouble-makers, the loud-laughers, and sometimes the misfits. The crazy ones. The honest and genuine. The adventurers.  The do-ers and makers.

So, what CAN you expect from Ingomar Acres? To start with … a blog-like website, a monthly email, and all the social media awesomeness that you can handle! We’ll share recaps of our most recent adventures, DIY projects, and design kick-offs, as well as, features on our favorite gear from the brands we love and trust. You can also expect an endless supply of recommendations on great music, recipes, restaurants/breweries and entertainment!

… and this is just the beginning!